My prose has been sparse lately, as I’m entering the final phase of studying for the California Bar exam. Three weeks to go, and I commit to resuming my poetry afterwards.

So I leave with a passage from Epictetus that has guided me through studying for the hardest bar exam in the country. It has been quite amazing to see how reworking my perception of the world based on Stoic principles has led me through the two and a half months of Bar studying with absolutely no stress. My peers have sought anti-anxiety medication, have become depressed, have resorted to dying their hair neon shades to cope. Yet, I’ve never felt calmer, better, more confident… I see it as an opportunity to practice composure and confidence in the face of a downward-spiraling mob. I see an opportunity to hold to my autonomous judgment of the inside joke that is the Bar exam.

“On the occasion of every event that befalls you, remember to turn to yourself and inquire what power you have for turning it to use.” Enchiridion, IX


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