Change is hard.

It’s especially hard when it’s change you don’t want.

But the sky only falls if you think it does.

It’s all in your head.

All the good.

And the bad.


Yuval Harari has a great line in Sapiens that goes something like “We don’t study history to avoid repeating it. We study history to understand that the world could have easily turned out differently.”

This was a Black Swan Election, not a nation’s swan song.

I dislike elections because it makes irrationality evident. The average voter will only consume media that affirms his or her preexisting beliefs. He or she likely will not even read a single article critical of their disfavored candidate. Then, once results come out, the loser overestimates the carnage.

The country moves on whether you do or not.

Who is president does not change the impact you can have every day.

It’s the difference between “life happens to me” and “life happens for me.”

Don’t squander your seconds over spilt milk. Change is a constant. Get up and move on. Otherwise you’ll be left behind.



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