I spend a lot of time worrying over my future; this is a pivotal year. What do I want to do in this lifetime?

Entrepreneur? Musician? Financier? Friend of many, or few? Lover? Creative?

I’ve struggled to choose : the paradox of choice.

I’ve tried focusing on five things I currently value: friends, fitness, school, career-building, personal growth. But I am still equally indecisive. Instead of growing more focused, I am more distracted. I catch myself wasting more minutes on pointless thoughts about the colleague who irked me in the hall or the uninformed decisions I made when I was younger. But these are wasteful and accomplish nothing.

I’m should try a new road. I have always tried to select my goal. By actively choosing the five things I want in my life, for example. This has never led to much sense of meaning.

I ought to spend the next few weeks focusing on what I don’t care about. And remove it. Take note of the minutes I spend doing things I don’t consider important, tasks that don’t feed curiosity, and so on.

Maybe by pruning what I don’t care about, I can figure out the shape of what I do want to add to this world. In the future and the present.

The road to one is zero-some, not loser-take-none.

How does one discover one’s future?


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